What we do

is a comprehensive, cross asset class risk management platform for exposures generated by any entity trading in energy, physical commodities and/or financial instruments. Leveraging proven integration capabilities across multiple deal capture systems, and flexible deployment options from on-premise to fully in the cloud,can drive fully consolidated assessments of market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk and regulatory factors with powerful BI visualisation capabilities. Lower your capital holding requirements and mitigate risk quickly and effectively using

What our clients say

Cube Logic prides itself in its Account Management and as a result many of our clients are happy to endorse us.

“It’s very intuitive you almost don’t need to train users, it’s a dream”

Chris Mudry, CRO - Mercuria

“I can hardly contain my excitement”

Maria Taylor – Head Of Credit EDFTrading

“I love the elegant way that CubeLogic have organised their star schema. It allows me to ask any question I want and get the answers I need in the certain knowledge that I am working from accurate data”

Krista Lewis - EoN

“It’s amazing what you have done with the Cube I had no idea how extensive the functionality is”

Troy Martin, Founder Trailstone

“We have all sorts of new departments asking to use the Cube it is the only place we have all our risk data in a Self-Service reporting environment”

Peter Boldt – EoN Programme Manager

“Great environment to collect data in one place – The Cube gives me a single version of the truth with some great visualisation options”

Patrick Paul, Risk Manager - Petroineos

CubeLogic regularly features in industry press, analysts publications, media portals and on social media channels