End-to-End Credit Insurance Platform

Enhance credit evaluation, automate underwriting, streamline risk assessment, optimize policy management, and easily manage claims, all on one platform.

Our Service

The new standard in credit risk management

CubeLogic is enabling Trade Credit and Surety Insurers to modernize their onboarding process with a platform that enhances underwriting and provides superior insights on credit and market risk exposure. Our platform helps design proposals, keep your customer knowledge base up to date, and can create the in-depth analysis needed to quickly create a policy. Our platform offers custom tailored delivery with easy configuration.


Provide clients service quickly by cutting your underwriting evaluation time in half. Use Client and Risk centric methods to evaluate each client individually and take on the risk that makes sense for your business.


The CubeLogic platform provides enhanced credit scoring and pricing capabilities of trade credit and surety insurers. Using several different methods of evaluation means that scoring is more precise, ensuring less exposure.


Leverage real-time updated data from multiple sources to develop innovative risk assessment models. Our approach streamlines decision-making processes, enabling more accurate and informed risk evaluations.


Custom Tailored to Your Needs

Our platform offers custom tailored delivery with easy configuration. With a variety of modules and views to choose from, the data you need to make underwriting decisions is always at your fingertips.

Operational Benefits

Increase Staff Capacity

Automated processes contribute to lower underwriting expenses and frees up valuable staff time for other business tasks, lowering administrative needs.

Case Study

Customer Success Story

Ascot collaborates with CubeLogic to enhance their insurance management system, enabling customer onboarding, risk assessment, and streamlined broker interactions while optimizing operations through automation.

How it Works

Automated Process

Highly Streamlined and Accurate

Create a workflow and highly streamlined process for assessing and managing credit risk. By utilizing automated tools for data gathering and analysis, credit insurers can make informed decisions in a timely manner. With a clear sequence of steps and decision points, the workflow provides a structured framework for credit insurers to minimize risk and maximize profitability in their operations.

Latest CubeLogic News

Press Release: CubeLogic Takes on New Investor

Press Release: CubeLogic Takes on New Investor

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE London, 15 February, 2024 – CubeLogic, the global leader in risk management software solutions, announces that it has taken on new external investment from Bowmark Capital, the leading mid-market private equity firm.  As part of the deal, Growth...