Position Limit Management

With the increasing regulatory scrutiny and a high price for getting it wrong, firms need an automated position limit management solution to effectively manage exchange and regulatory positions limits, including MiFID II and CFTC limits. CubeWatchPL is a comprehensive, automated position limit management solution which allows front office, compliance and risk management to monitor their position limits across the organisation intraday! 

Worldwide Coverage

Too many venues to monitor manually? CubeWatchPL is capable of covering all major venues and regulatory position limit regimes globally. Position Limit reference data is provided by a FIA Tech , a vendor specialising in the provision of this reference data, and covers over 80 exchanges and includes regulatory position limit.

Real-time Dashboards

Want to know what is happening intraday? CubeWatchPL’s real-time, fully configurable dashboards allow front office and compliance to monitor position limits intraday. Configure as many dashboards views as you like, and display them on a trading floor or desktop screen. Ideal for trading desks spread across multiple locations or centralised compliance teams.

Email Alerting

Want to be alerted about the important stuff? CubeWatchPL’s inbuilt mail alerting warns you about potential breaches and any critical data exceptions. Alerting is configurable and may be set at a centralised group level by compliance or be given to individual traders or risk management to configure based on their needs.

Automated Position Limits

Want a solution to do the heavy lifting? CubeWatchPL accurately and seamlessly applies position limit rules so that you don’t have to including diminishing balances, parent-child aggregation, ratio conversions, cross-venue aggregation, multiple step-down limits, options conversion handling, spot dates and much more.

Position "WalkForward"

Want to be able to predict the future? CubeWatchPL projects positions ahead to understand and alert you to avoid inadvertent breaches. This intelligent logic applies all relevant rules including diminishing balance logic to understand where breaches might occur and allow you time to “pre-remediate” and problematic positions.

Position Limit Reporting

Want quick and easy access to a full suite of reports? CubeWatchPL is delivered with a full suite of standard reports and the option to develop bespoke reports if required. Reports cover all use cases including compliance reporting, trader or desk reporting, position evolution, exemptions reporting, breach reporting and more. 

Automating Position Limits Management has never been easier

1. Install

Deployed as Sofware-as-a-Service* (SaaS), CubeLogic will set up CubeWatchPL for you in a single tenant, highly secure cloud environment requiring little or no effort from your IT team.

2. Connect

Point your intraday and end of day feeds from multiple sources to a secure connection with CubeWatchPL. Existing data connections import position limit rules and spot calendars data automatically.  

3. Test

To give you full confidence in the integrity of CubeWatchPL’s position limit calculation methodology, CubeLogic will provide you with the means to test and validate the engine output tailored to your needs.

4. Monitor

You are ready to monitor your position limits on an intraday and end of day basis! Each night your positions will be “trued up” so that you start the following day with 100% accurate positions further enhancing compliance confidence. 

Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing that the risks of significant financial penalties and reputational harm from position limit breaches have been effectively mitigated across your organisation.


Free up your valuable risk and compliance resources to focus on higher value tasks whilst maintaining an appropriate level of control – let CubeWatchPL do the heavy lifting.


Position limit calculations can be nuanced and complexed and getting the right answer is critical for compliance purposes. We pride ourselves on CubeWatchPL’s accuracy


While position limit calculation accuracy is critical, it is also important to get it right consistently. As such, high availability, robust data feeds and reliable performance is key – CubeWatchPL is the answer.

CubeWatchPL is one of many complimentary risk management and compliance solutions offered by CubeLogic, an experienced provider of enterprise grade solutions to energy, commodity and financial market players

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