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Originaly posted on CTRM Center | 28 September 2016 | Author: Patrick Reames

Four years after they were acquired by OpenLink, CubeLogic has returned to the market as an independent entity. In speaking with OpenLink senior management about the divestment of CubeLogic, they indicated they made the move in order to focus more on their flagship products – which they believe is the best strategy, and in the best interest, for both their customers and investors.

I spoke recently with Roderick Austin, now a partner in CubeLogic, about the once again independent company. He noted that the group that had initially founded the company (including David Priestley and Lee Campbell) and most of the development team that were in place at the time of acquisition in 2012 have rejoined forces. Of the split, he noted that both sides felt it was the best course of action and truly was a “win-win” situation in which OpenLink could focus more on their core products and the CubeLogic team could aggressively grow their business independent of other corporate priorities.
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With more than 20 customers using their CubeIntelligence product for managing and analyzing credit and market risk, regulatory compliance, and for reporting/BI, the company is actively pursuing new prospects and Roderick expects to sign several new customers in the very near future. He also outlined their immediate priorities for the new business as being 1) continue to develop additional capabilities (via both bespoke development and in partnership with leading firms like Lacima, a provider of sophisticated analytics and optimization models); 2) enhance their cloud deployment capabilities; and 3) transition all their existing customers to their “one stop” support model. Under this model, each customer has a single point of contact for all product related activities, including initial implementation/deployment, training, and reporting & resolution of any tech support issues.

Roderick noted he and the team are excited about their newly “single” status. They believe that with their group of now fully dedicated resources pulling in unison to enhance their capabilities, they will be able to accelerate their growth and expand their market reach. Though it’s clearly a difficult market right now and large-scale ETRM/CTRM investments are down, given CubeLogic’s experienced team and their product’s capabilities in helping manage multiple risks and enhancing business intelligence around existing IT investments, we suspect they will be successful.

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