Advanced credit, market and compliance risk analytics in a flexible, scalable solution for both end-of-day and real-time solutions.

Incorporating Numerix advanced valuation and risk analytics for all asset classes and IOWArocks world-class market data connectivity.

The Risk Analytics Challenge

  • Pressure to increase the rigour and consistency of risk analytics coming from new accounting standards, regulatory and market sources
  • Growing demand for real-time and near real-time solutions in today’s ultra-volatile markets
  • Need for flexibility – no two client are the same.
  • High and rising costs, and struggle to recruit sufficient specialist skills
  • Disproportionate cost impact on tier 2 and 3 firms: exponential increase in demand for expertise, infrastructure, data quality and processing
  • Legacy risk management technology unable to meet the challenge: IT landscape dominated by EOD batch-based systems

Why Risk-as-a-Service?

  • Access advanced analytics previously available only to Tier 1 firms
  • Stay focused on driving your core business growth
  • Gain consistent and timely insight into enterprise risks
  • Reduce IT-related costs: hardware, monitoring, support, testing & upgrades
  • Scale and cloud elasticity: scale compute resources as and when needed
  • Simplify market and reference data management for risk calculations
  • Improve automation and accelerate system integration

“Regulatory outsourcing guidelines promote a strong governance and control framework to validate the services that RaaS vendors provide” – EY

“We’re now seeing tier two and even tier one sellside firms use the RaaS model for XVA calculations” – Chartis

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