Streamlining Operations and Proactive Risk Management with JeraGM

Case Study: A successful migration to SaaS hosting with CubeLogic


Client Profile

Jera Global Markets is a leading energy trading company at the forefront of the global energy market. With a strong presence in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, Jera Global Markets specializes in the trading of liquefied natural gas(LNG), coal, and other energy commodities. Backed by extensive industry expertise, advanced analytics, and a vast network of partners, Jera Global Markets strives to optimize energy flows, manage risks, and deliver reliable solutions to meet the evolving needs of customers worldwide.


Headquartered in Singapore, JERA Global Markets (JERAGM) is a leading utility-backed energy trader specializing in LNG, coal, and freight across key markets worldwide, including Asia Pacific, North America, Middle East, Africa, and Europe. JERAGM’s mission is to increase the security of seaborne fuel supply and create significant value for its shareholders and customers. CubeLogic, a market-leading enterprise SaaS business, provides risk management solutions for the energy, commodities, and financial markets, enabling monitoring and management of credit risk, market risk, and regulatory compliance exposures.


JERAGM was using an on-premises version of CubeLogic’s software, specifically version 5.2, which required significant maintenance and updates. The system was dependent on personnel for day-to-day operations, and any changes or upgrades required manual interventions, resulting in delays and increased operational costs. JERAGM recognized the need to upgrade to a newer version of CubeLogic’s software to streamline operations, reduce dependence on personnel, and leverage the benefits of SaaS hosting.


After thorough analysis and evaluation, JERAGM decided to migrate from on-premises hosting to SaaS hosting with CubeLogic’s latest version, V9.1. The decision was based on the need for a more
efficient and automated system that could provide real-time insights and enable proactive risk management. CubeLogic’s SaaS offering provided the scalability, flexibility, and ease of maintenance that JERAGM was looking for, along with the added advantage of removing personnel dependencies.


The migration process was executed smoothly with the support of CubeLogic’s expert team. The transition involved migrating the data, configurations, and customizations from the on-premises version to the SaaS environment. CubeLogic ensured that the migration process was completed within the agreed-upon timeline, with minimal disruptions to JERAGM’s operations. The team also provided comprehensive training and support to JERAGM’s staff to ensure a seamless transition.


The migration from on-premises to SaaS hosting with CubeLogic’s V9.1 version resulted in several significant benefits for JERAGM:


Improved Operational Efficiency

The SaaS hosting model eliminated the need for manual interventions, reducing operational costs and improving overall efficiency, allowing JERAGM to proactively manage risks and make informed decisions.

Reduced Personnel Dependencies 

The migration to SaaS hosting removed personnel dependencies, reducing the risk of disruptions due to personnel turnover or unavailability. The system now operates seamlessly, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Enhanced Scalability and Flexibility

CubeLogic’s SaaS offering provided JERAGM with scalability and flexibility to adapt to changing business requirements. The system can now easily accommodate new users, functionalities, and data sources, ensuring future readiness.

Increased Business Intelligence

The upgraded version of CubeLogic’s software,V9.1, enabled JERAGM to leverage advanced business intelligence features, including advanced analytics, reporting, and data visualization, empowering the organization with enhanced decision-making capabilities.


The smooth process of moving from on-premises to SaaS hosting with CubeLogic’s V9.1 version has been a success for JERA Global Markets. The migration has improved operational efficiency, reduced personnel dependencies, enhanced scalability and flexibility, and increased business intelligence capabilities. JERAGM can now proactively manage risks, make informed decisions, and operate seamlessly, positioning the organization for future growth and success in the dynamic energy markets.