CubeControlCentre (CCC)

The nerve centre responsible for command and control of real-time monitoring and communications

“Cube Control Centre is core to CubeLogic active surveillance monitoring services, observing in real time and providing confidence to clients”

The Cube Control Centre (CCC) is the nerve centre responsible for command and control of real time monitoring and communications with associated teams across our business locations including our “RiskCubed in the Cloud” SaaS operations. CCC commands those responsible to take action and initiate escalation procedures based on priority and criticality levels.

The CCC will expand over the next 12 to 24 months to include 1st Line Support and has been operational from January 2021 dealing with…
  • 365 x 24 x 7 monitoring operations
  • Realtime monitoring of Systems, Events, Alerts, SIEM, Security, and Information Security
  • Network Operation Centre (NOC) : Maintains Services availability with prompt notification and coordination to identify and rectify network operational events
  • Security Operation Centre (SOC) : Real time monitoring & notification of security events to mitigate potential security threats and breaches
Cube Control Centre improves…
  • Awareness, Oversight and Visibility
  • Reaction Time
  • Resolution Time
  • Stability, Reliability and Avoidance
  • Benchmarking and Reporting
  • Automated Activities
  • Collaborative Response
Key features…
  • Real-time 24×7 monitoring
  • SIEM
  • NOC
  • SOC
  • Mission Control

Understand | Visualise | Response | Resolution | Mitigate | Improve  |  Protect

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