Credit Risk

A fast track to managing credit risk, offering immediate business benefits without the need for expensive, long drawn-out implementation projects. Using advanced OLAP and tabular cube technologies, RiskCubed provides ultra-fast, real-time analysis capabilities all displayed in a user friendly interface with multiple drilldown possibilities. The ultimate business intelligence tool for smart credit risk management.

Market Risk

RiskCubed delivers fast, real-time position,  PnL, VaR and risk sensitivity  reporting across trading platforms with unrivalled slice and dice flexibility. Risk managers can effectively manage positions across multiple desks, books, products and portfolios.

Liquidity Risk

CubeLogic fully understands the needs of treasury professionals in today’s fast changing market with new regulations and increasing capital requirements. RiskCubed enables advanced collections, cashflow and debt analysis for trading organizations across Energy, Commercial and Industrial and Capital Markets sectors. 

Regulatory and Compliance Risk

Meeting regulatory reporting requirements in today’s is a costly undertaking offering little or no return on investment. Why not look at making an investment in a regulatory compliance solution that provides a simple route to regulatory risk management across your entire consolidated portfolio. Load your trade data once and we take care of the rest.

Business Process Management

Powerful master reference data and business process management workflow solutions tailored to the specific needs of your enterprise. Manage counterparty data, contract data, limits, contacts, regulatory data, KYC, and collateral alongside product codes, hierarchies, calendars and country information. Orchestrate proprietary business processes to maximise efficiencies and drive cost savings.


The emergence of social media and online content has been dramatic and the importance and use of such data is only just being understood. CubeWatch provides insights into market activity, trends and sentiment scores from online content.