Increased political uncertainty, global warming and heightened market volatility are just a few of the reasons why managing risk is a key differentiating factor for commodities trading firms versus their competitors. RiskCubed offers state of the art solutions to enable firms to manage their credit, market, treasury and liquidity risk better than anyone else. With advanced business intelligence capabilities users can quickly benefit from actionable insights and be able to respond much quicker to market demands.


RiskCubed is trusted by some of the world’s leading energy trading firms to reduce risks and in turn improve trading performance in complex and volatile markets. Our smart technology consolidates all risk factors into intuitive real-time dashboards where risk managers can perform holistic, on the fly analysis and make more informed risk mitigation decisions. Available on premise, or in the cloud, we offer cost effective tailored solutions which match your needs.

Financial Services

Increasing competition and a deluge of ever-changing regulatory directives has meant that banks of all sizes are struggling to gain market share. It has never been more important for financial firms to cut costs but at the same time extend their services. Legacy technology is hindering digital transformation and wholesale replacement strategies take too long and cost too much. RiskCubed enables financial services firms to realise their investment in legacy systems by adding a layer of state-of-the-art functionality to enable users to manage risk in a much smarter way.