Business Process Management

Powerful master reference data and business process management workflow solutions tailored to the specific needs of your enterprise.

CubeLogic offers a powerful solution that allows effective modelling of complex business processes across different teams and multiple trading, middle and back office systems. Workflow provides the communication link vital to a smooth, controlled trading operation.

Reference Data Management

The Reference Data Management tool provides a full master data management tool for capturing and managing all the required reference data for efficient business process management. Manage counterparty data, contract data, limits, contact data, regulatory data, KYC, and collateral along with product codes, hierarchies, calendars and country information.

The tool has a full audit trail capability, along with extensive access control. Reference data is extensible to capture client specific fields and document links.



Our powerful workflow module enables flexible modelling and controls of business process management across the enterprise.

Workflow can provide multi-step, multi-path processes involving different user communities using desktop, email and mobile interactions for approvals and data capture. Workflows can augment data and interact with RiskCubed and other external systems within the organisation to control and manage complex processes.

Typical workflows include counterparty on-boarding, credit applications, legal contract on-boarding, pre-deal checking, regulatory submissions e.g. EMIR TR, limit approvals and exception management. Workflows are fully audit trailed and a flexible design tool brings the power to design and build new processes directly to the user.


Rules engine

The rules engine enables easy visual building of complex data manipulation and enrichment as part of data integration and workflow.

  • Visual rule designer to easily configure complex data manipulation rules.
  • Standard library of pre-defined rules, such as;
    – Payment terms for different products.
    – Data transformation and enrichment of transactions.
    – Derived pre-payments based on invoice rules.
  • Define configurable custom data transformation adjustments across the RiskCubed platform.

Credit application

  • Standalone workflow or integrate with origination for seamless front to back workflow from initial opportunity through to credit, legal, compliance and other approvals.
  • Fully integrated with CubeLogic’s Financial Analysis and Scoring modules.
  • Creation of credit committee packs rich in text, tables, charts and graphics.
  • Embed delegated authorities to route approvals.
  • Include Conditions Precedent and Ongoing Conditions.

Decision support

CubeLogic offers a powerful toolkit for leveraging clients’ existing technology investments by integrating and automating complex business processes spanning multiple teams, IT applications and data sources. CubeLogic Workflow and Decision Support shortens timeframes, protects business revenues, improves collaboration, strengthens controls and cuts costs.

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