Fast track implementation service

Pre-configured reference data and full mapping to reduce time to value for RiskCubed clients

CreditExpress leverages standard pre-configurations for reference data, business process workflow and reporting using best practices acquired by CubeLogic consultants after having implemented credit risk solutions for over 40 blue-chip companies. CreditExpress enables faster implementation of the RiskCubed Credit Risk suite for firms at a reduced cost without limiting the functional scope or the future adaptability of the solution to meet changing needs via configuration.


The CreditExpress service includes fully configured reference data and full mapping, including but not limited to;

  • Core standing data such as currencies and countries,
  • Agreement types; e.g. ISDA, EFET, EEI, NAESB and so on
  • Trading products; e.g. Gas, Coal, Power etc.
  • Trade types; e.g. physical fixed priced, index priced and financial swaps etc
  • Limit types; e.g. exposure and obligation.
  • Business process workflows are an important part of the RiskCubed Credit Risk implementation process. The CreditExpress methodology enables clients to benefit from standard workflows, including but not limited to:
  • Credit Processes – limit requests, counterparty onboarding etc.
  • Collateral Management – margining calls and interest calls, etc.
  • Diary and alerts – credit reviews and collateral expiring notifications, etc.
  • System Administration Tasks

CreditExpress also provides an extensive set of dashboards and reports and a standard scoring module configuration with corresponding scorecard weightings.

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