CubeLogic Announces Support for Trade Credit Insurance

Houston, London, August 21st, 2017. CubeLogic, a leader in Business Intelligence products and services for risk management in the energy, commodity, and financial markets, today announces the support of Trade Credit Insurance with their latest release of version 6.0. of the RiskCubed platform.

Trade Credit Insurance is an increasingly popular tool to manage accounts receivable risk, effectively converting an unsecured, risky loan to secured collateral. As a trade finance instrument, the use of credit insurance is growing rapidly amongst energy market participants primarily due to its relatively low cost, ability to increase liquidity, and risk-conversion properties.

As most insurance providers will attest to, Trade Credit Insurance is not a substitute for diligent and proactive credit risk management practices. This means it should be incorporated into the operational activities and strategic thinking of credit managers and executives, and the most effective way to accomplish this is to have the entire credit portfolio in one place. CubeLogic achieves this and easily enables credit managers to analyze the impacts and benefits of adding a new policy, and/or managing existing policies alongside all other exposures, collateral, limits etc.

“CubeLogic continues to set the standard for enterprise risk management with the announcement of our support for Trade Credit Insurance. As markets evolve, so do we with an eye ever toward where our customers need us to be tomorrow. There is no better partner than CubeLogic for wholistic credit risk management.” said Lee Campbell, CEO at CubeLogic.

About CubeLogic
CubeLogic provides Business Intelligence products and services in risk, regulatory, and liquidity management for the energy, commodity and financial markets. The founders of CubeLogic are all renowned and experienced industry specialists who have an impressive track record of developing and implementing global risk IT solutions. In the current volatile market conditions, CubeLogic addresses the increasing demand for robust, cost-effective, Business Intelligence solutions for risk management.

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