NAPCO Credit Conference, Portland

The CubeLogic team look forward to attending the NAPCO Portland conference.

The conference starts with an informal “Welcome Reception” at The Benson Hotel on Monday, September 18, 2017 at 6:00pm. The conference continues with education sessions and networking events until Wednesday September 20, 2017.

For full details of the conference, including registration form and program agenda, visit

Improve the way you manage credit risk

At CubeLogic we are committed to improving the ways in which companies manage risk. Today, more than 25 energy and commodity firms have partnered with CubeLogic to gain greater insight into their portfolios, and the associated credit risk. We help them by turning their data into actionable information, enhancing the user experience to be more output-oriented, rather than software-oriented, and streamline the process of communication from colleague to colleague, department to department.

Come spend some time with us at NAPCO to learn more about how we help our clients deliver value to their businesses.