Webinar: Trade Credit Insurance

In partnership with Euler Hermes

It’s about making money, not protecting money.

WHEN: Tuesday November, 14th 2017
TIME: 10:00 Central Time Zone
CubeLogic              Euler Hermes

Join CubeLogic and Euler Hermes on Tuesday November 14, 2017 at 10:00 Houston, US time for our online webinar.

Trade Credit Insurance is an increasingly popular tool to manage accounts receivable risk, effectively converting an unsecured, risky loan to secured collateral. As a trade finance instrument, the use of credit insurance is growing rapidly amongst energy market participants primarily due to its relatively low cost, ability to increase liquidity, and risk-conversion properties.

As most insurance providers will attest to, Trade Credit Insurance is not a substitute for diligent and proactive credit risk management practices. This means it should be incorporated into the operational activities and strategic thinking of credit managers and executives, and the most effective way to accomplish this is to have the entire credit portfolio in one place.

In this webinar, Euler Hermes and CubeLogic will jointly discuss:

  1. Introduction to trade credit insurance, adoption rates, and global trends
  2. Types of credit insurance policies available, and when to use them
  3. Typical use cases for credit insurance
  4. Managing your policies as part of your credit portfolio

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Please note there is no attendee charge for this webinar.

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