CubeLogic and FERDEC announce partnership for Transaction Surveillance

ferdecTS® sophisticated MAR/MAD II/REMIT transaction surveillance capabilities to be fully integrated within the RiskCubed risk management platform

Wednesday, 7th November 2018 – London and Berlin. CubeLogic, the leader in business intelligence (BI) enabled risk management solutions and FERDEC, the market leader in MAR/MAD II/REMIT transaction surveillance solutions for physical and financial Energy and Commodity markets, announce a strategic partnership to enable CubeLogic’s clients to leverage the sophisticated transaction surveillance capabilities of the ferdecTS® solution directly from within the RiskCubed suite.

Increasing demand for transaction surveillance functionality inspired CubeLogic to seek partner solutions to complement the capabilities of its RiskCubed risk management platform. FERDEC’s unrivalled expertise in European physical and financial Energy and Commodity markets made it the natural choice. The ferdecTS® engine can detect potential market abuse patterns arising from the manipulation of physical characteristics of transactions, as well as purely financial aspects which other surveillance tools are typically limited to.

Available with plug-and-play market data interfaces, the ferdecTS® engine will be integrated with RiskCubed’s powerful data management, workflow and BI analysis tools so that CubeLogic clients benefit from a cost-effective solution that is far more than the sum of the parts. With a full SaaS deployment option and pre-calibrated alerts, the ferdecTS® engine can be deployed quickly to ramp-up transaction surveillance capabilities to meet any regulatory challenge.

Tony Frangiamore, MD EMEA CubeLogic, comments, “There is an active replacement market developing where organisations with significant exposure to physical Energy and Commodity markets opted for tools from a financial market background in a first wave and are now seeing the limitations of those solutions. The FERDEC partnership, conceived specifically to address this trend, fits within the wider CubeLogic strategy of integrating best of breed analytical components for different markets to offer its clients a one stop shop risk management solution according to their specific needs.”

Christian Endter, Managing Director of FERDEC, comments, “We are glad to enter into this partnership with CubeLogic. Clients will benefit from the most comprehensive and sophisticated risk management and compliance solution in the E/CTRM landscape. This partnership provides Energy and Commodity trading organisations with the most advanced and convenient market abuse pattern recognition (Transaction Surveillance) solution in the market. Few firms have a better appreciation of the value of a “Golden Source” for trading-related data than CubeLogic.”

About CubeLogic
CubeLogic provides business intelligence enabled risk management products and services for the energy, commodity and financial markets. The founders of CubeLogic are experienced industry specialists who have an impressive track record of developing and implementing global risk IT solutions. CubeLogic addresses the increasing demand for robust, cost effective risk management solutions.

FERDEC provides ferdecTS®, a market leading data analytics engine that processes information from multiple sources (e.g. ETRM systems, Broker and Exchange platforms, market information systems) to identify suspicious trading activities and supports the full MAR compliance lifecycle with workflow management to enable the processing of suspicious transactions and the generation of STOR reports.

For more information please contact:
Tony Frangiamore, Managing Director, EMEA / / Tel: +44 7921 451 616
Christian Endter, Managing Director / / Tel: +49 151 1132 0535