CubeLogic launch CubeWatchPL, real-time position limit management solution

– Capability to cover all major exchanges and regulatory regimes globally
– Fully customizable, real-time dashboards and alerts
– Launches at EWorld, Essen, 11-13 February 2020

London, Houston, Singapore, Bangalore and Berlin, Monday 10th February 2020 – CubeLogic, the leading provider of Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance solutions today announces the launch of CubeWatchPL. A real-time position limit management solution with the capability to cover all major exchanges and regulatory regimes globally (including MiFID II and CFTC limits).

Given the introduction of commodity position limits under MiFID II in January, this is now an area of heightened regulatory scrutiny across European markets. And not only Europe is impacted – recently the CFTC* in the US announced its intention to introduce long awaited Federal position limits later this year. When combined with the existing exchange position limit regimes, there is significant complexity and risk around managing these manually.

CubeWatchPL automates the monitoring of position limits in real-time**. It brings tick-level accuracy to ensure accurate tracking of positions against limits, including across algorithmic trading activities. As part of the RiskCubed suite of enterprise risk and compliance solutions it comes with fully customizable, real-time dashboards and reporting to meet all Front Office, Compliance and Risk Management requirements. The solution is designed to cover exchange position limits (commodity and financial if the latter is required), MiFID II and CFTC position limits. Other features include:

  • Customizable“soft limits”.
  • Automated rules mapping – new instruments traded are automatically mapped to limits.
  • Complex position aggregation logic.
  • Full exemptions management capability.
  • Intelligent “walk forward” capability to alert traders and compliance to potential day ahead and week ahead “do nothing” breaches.
  • Daily true-up of live positions using validated broker statements.
  • Highly configurable workflows allowing Front Office, Risk and Compliance full control over their position limit monitoring and management responsibilities.

Lee Campbell, CEO comments. “Regulation has become progressively invasive for energy and commodity firms over the last ten years and the majority of monitoring and reporting solutions that support firms in meeting their obligations are aimed primarily at the financial services industry. At CubeLogic we understand there are nuances and differences in energy and commodity markets which bring their own challenges from a technology standpoint. This drove our decision to acquire Ferdec in March 2019 which provides specialist transaction surveillance for energy and commodity markets. It follows on naturally from this acquisition that we have now developed a complimentary monitoring solution like CubeWatchPL to further strengthen our footprint in this area – no other vendor in the market can boast our level of all-round sophistication and capability.”

CubeWatchPL already has a major global client scheduled for go live in Q2 2020.

CubeWatchPL is officially launching at EWorld in Essen, Germany, 11-13 February 2020 where CubeLogic is an exhibitor.

** Where direct exchange connectivity is available

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CubeLogic is the leading supplier of business intelligence enabled risk management solutions for all energy, commodity and financial markets exposures arising from market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk and regulatory compliance. CubeLogic’s founders are renowned experienced industry specialists who have an impressive track record of developing and implementing global risk IT solutions. In the current volatile market conditions, CubeLogic addresses the increasing demand for robust, cost effective Business Intelligence solutions for risk management.

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