Wednesday 17th June: Cash Collections Webinar

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Date: Wednesday 17th June 2020, 1400 London time

Please join CubeLogic as we take a timely look at the topic of cash collections, the end-to-end order-to-cash process, and how the impact of lock-downs around the world has pushed a greater importance than ever before on effective collections processes and systems. CubeLogic is also proud to be premiering the Cube Cash Collections module, our brand-new, cutting-edge solution for enhanced cash collections performance.

Achieving sustainable cash improvements doesn’t need to mean enforcing one-sided payment terms along the supply chain; and other instruments to improve cash, such as factoring or invoice discounting, come at a cost. The cheapest, but least understood, source of cash improvement opportunity is from enhanced trade working capital.

The key themes for this session will cover:

  • A market update and a look at recent trends
  • How cash is tied up across the Order-to-Cash process
  • How to improve cash by 5% of annual sales; introducing Cube Cash Collections
  • Case study of cash improvement

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