Getting to know Alexandra Dediu, CubeLogic Business Consultant

At CubeLogic, our technology is the fundamental platform on which we have built a successful business. But despite some people believing that ‘tech will steal our jobs’, our team at CubeLogic is what really makes us different.

This series of blogs will allow you to get to know some of our team members, whether that be the smooth talking sales people, the incredibly smart development folk or maybe even the creative and wonderful marketing team ?. Everyone has a part to play and with our flat organisational structure and forward-thinking leadership there has never been a better time to be part of the CubeLogic movement!

To kick us off we thought, where better to start than at the beginning of the alphabet?

Name: Alexandra Dediu
Age: 28
Joined CubeLogic: October 2018
Qualifications: BSc in Computer Science – 2014, MSc in Management of IT – 2015

Tell us about your role at Cube

I joined CubeLogic as a graduate and in the past 18 months have developed many skills to become a competent business analyst. I have been involved in a number of different projects such as; creating demos for pre-sales, working directly with our clients, assisting in design, development and testing of new solutions.

What attracted you to work for CubeLogic?

I got a great vibe in the interview process and the rest is history!

Do you enjoy working in technology?

Tech has always been my passion; I am a logical thinker and enjoy problem solving but I didn’t know what area of technology was right for me. Joining Cube as a grad means I have had the opportunity to learn new skills and experience new things, making this role a perfect fit for me. I am now able to combine my technical knowledge with my sociable personality!

How do you feel about working for an independent technology firm rather than a large corporation?

In a large corporation I feel you do not get to make as much of an impact as you do in a smaller one, especially as a graduate. At CubeLogic I feel like I have responsibility and am a vital part of the team.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

I see myself carrying on the same path! I would ideally like to be leading key accounts for the company. I get a sense of accomplishment when helping businesses and providing them with technology solutions which, in turn, enhance their productivity and business capabilities. Being the link between the programmers and the end users has been my goal since I was at the university and understood the complexity of the computer science field.

How do you feel about working in a predominantly male environment?

I am an ambassador for #WomenInTech and am actively involved in the ACM-W Europe (Association for Computing Machinery – Women) which organizes the womENcourage conferences . At university, I had a very inspiring and passionate professor who helped the women in our department gain more confidence. He created a ‘Women in Computer Science’ society – this helped to abolish the misconception that Computer Science is for men only.

What advice do you give other young females who want to follow your path?

Believe in yourself and try to find what you enjoy doing most! Tech does not only refer to programming or engineering. There is so much more! It involves using technology, understanding it, and knowing how to build it too. However, you can apply many other soft skills and your own creativity to achieve great results. Both men and women have their strengths when it comes to computer science, we just need to find our passion and abilities and use that to our advantage.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles. This is an activity that relaxes me a lot after a busy week. While I enjoy seeing them come together, I get just as much joy if not more from the process and challenge of finding the right place for each piece. The end result is a very important factor in my job, especially when you need to deliver something! But the journey and problem solving is something that I value a lot as well. That’s why no matter if I frame and display my puzzles or put them back in the box, I still enjoy every moment in doing them.

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