“Excellent, courteous communication throughout; consistently the best vendor support we receive.”

For years, all industries have been talking about digital transformation but the recent events arising from COVID-19 have forced many firms to rapidly adopt new cloud technologies. Every day there are articles talking about ‘The new normal’ and how the way we work will never be the same. That story is yet to play out and whilst I don’t doubt there will be changes, what I do know for certain is there is no substitute for human contact and great customer service. As the technology market becomes even more attractive and competition increases, it’s the people which will be the difference between those who thrive and those who wither and die on the vine.

Technology is all about logic, it’s factual and material. It can be reproduced and imitated. It is constantly evolving and all firms producing digital solutions know that one day someone is going to come along with something better. But what you cannot replicate is a great company spirit.
Just recently our CEO, Lee Campbell was delighted to hear the following endorsement directly from one of our marquee clients…

“Excellent, courteous communication throughout; consistently the best vendor support we receive.”

This is one of the best rewards we could ever ask for. All too often CEO’s are focused on new business and developing the best technology, but investing in your team and creating a collaborative, inclusive and positive work environment pays huge dividends. The ability to win new business relies heavily on how we look after our existing clients. Without our loyal customers there is no new business.

The ability to be a successful technology company is dependent on everyone…

  1. Designing and building a great product that people want to buy
  2. Marketing that product effectively
  3. Selling our product across the globe, ensuring we present it to prospects successfully whilst also differentiating ourselves from the competition
  4. Delivering the product in a timely and consistent manner, addressing the user’s needs and meeting expectations
  5. Continually supporting our clients and delivering great service

Don’t let this blog fool you, we remain 100% committed to developing the best risk management solutions in the market but what makes us really shine is our people. Whether we are working in the office together or sat in our kitchens on our laptops, it doesn’t matter.
The world is faced with some challenging situations right now and unfortunately there are no simple answers to any of them. But what is loud and clear is there is a strong call for people to support each other, whether that be through community or family, nationally or globally or back in the workplace. Even the most successful people with the toughest exteriors need appreciation so if you take anything from this blog it’s to tell someone they are doing a great job!