13 November 2020 – CubeLogic Webinar: RiskCubed Demo

Please join CubeLogic Friday, November 13th at 12:30 PM CST.

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Most ETRM systems do a decent job of managing the transaction lifecycle (deal capture, scheduling, and settlement).

It’s the “RM”, or Risk Management part where they struggle.

CubeLogic’s RiskCubed platform is purpose built to manage the *risk* lifecycle.

In this demo we will show how risk and compliance teams can access a single repository and manage the enterprise market risks, credit risks, and compliance risks. In credit we will cover topics like counterparty management, collateral management, exposure, credit analytics, etc; in market risk we’ll address portfolio analytics, VaR, deal modelling, greeks, stress testing, etc; and for compliance risk talk about transaction surveillance and position limit monitoring.