CubeLogic Sponsors IECA 35th Annual European Education Conference

CubeLogic had an amazing time at the IECA International Energy Credit Association 35th Annual European Education Committee conference in Porto, Portugal this summer! 🌍 We were thrilled to be sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers at this annual event, and we had a fantastic time connecting with industry professionals. 🤝

One of the highlights was our Chief Revenue Officer, Natallia Hunik’s presentation titled “Digitalisation: Gripping and Transforming Pertinent Energy Trading and Credit Data Among Oceans of Choices and Storms of Cyber-Risks.” 🎙️ Natallia took us on an insightful journey through the evolving landscape of data experience since the “credit crunch,” exploring its impact on social media, artificial intelligence trading, and the availability of big data.

With her experience working with both early and late adopters, Natallia shared invaluable insights from the transformation journey, offering practical strategies and solutions. 📊 In particular, she focused on how credit teams can leverage digital transformation to their advantage, addressing the challenges and benefits associated with it.

Key topics covered during her presentation included:

🔹 Digital Transformation: Challenges and benefits: Delving into the obstacles that organizations face during the process of digital transformation and shed light on the significant benefits that can be achieved by embracing it.

🔹 On-boarding counterparties: Data gathering, credit assessments, and risk appetite.

🔹 Monitoring credit risk and management of credit events: Discussing the importance of effectively monitoring credit risk and managing credit events, providing practical strategies to mitigate risks and ensure the smooth operation of credit-related processes. 📉

Lastly, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the IECA European conference organizers for putting together such a remarkable event and providing us with the opportunity to contribute to the knowledge sharing and growth within the industry. 🙌

Check out some of our group photos of the CubeLogic team and colleagues at the conference! 📸