Press Release: CubeLogic’s First Half of 2023 Sets New Records: Unprecedented Growth, Client Expansion, and Award-Winning Performance

CubeLogic achieves unprecedented growth and client expansion in the first half of 2023, with promising outlook for second half of the year. With award-winning performance and recognition, CubeLogic solidifies its position as a leading provider of credit risk and compliance software solutions, catering to diverse industries worldwide.

Houston, TX, July 25, 2023 – Leading credit risk and compliance software provider, CubeLogic, is thrilled to announce its remarkable achievements and growing expansion during the first half of 2023. With a rapidly expanding client base and an influx of interest from several new industries, CubeLogic continues to solidify its position as a trailblazer in risk management and compliance solutions.

During the first two quarters of the year, CubeLogic successfully onboarded six new clients, marking a significant milestone for the company. Notably, CubeLogic’s appeal has extended beyond its traditional energy and commodities client base, attracting attention from credit insurers, surety bond providers, and other financial lenders operating in the space. This influx of interest is a testament to CubeLogic’s ability to adapt to evolving market demands as well as the ability for the CubeLogic’s risk management platform to be adapted and utilized by many industries.

“We are delighted by the exceptional growth and diversification we have experienced in the first half of this year,” said Lee Campbell, Executive Chairman of CubeLogic. “The increased interest from our core energy market, credit insurers and alternative lenders validates the strength and versatility of our credit risk management solutions. We are excited to expand our reach and deliver our innovative services to a broader range of industries.”

Furthermore, CubeLogic’s outlook for the second half of 2023 remains highly promising, with substantial growth and expansion on the horizon. The company’s proven track record, commitment to innovation, and relentless pursuit of excellence position CubeLogic as an industry leader in the credit risk management ecosystem, enabling clients to effectively navigate the complexities of credit risk in today’s dynamic business landscape.

In recognition of CubeLogic’s exceptional contributions to the energy and commodities sector, the company recently received multiple prestigious awards. EnergyRisk, a renowned authority in the industry, named CubeLogic as the number one credit risk software provider. CubeLogic was also awarded first place in two more categories: Regulatory Compliance and Business Intelligence Software. This recognition highlights CubeLogic’s ability to meet the growing demand for credit and market risk management solutions, offering advanced workflows and structured collateral management, as well as advanced regulatory compliance and business intelligence needs.

Additionally, CubeLogic secured first-place rankings in three categories in the esteemed Chartis Research RiskTech Energy50 2023 awards. These categories include Credit and Counterparty Risk: Oil and Gas, Credit and Counterparty Risk: Cross-Market, and Trade Surveillance: Cross-Asset. Chartis Research praised CubeLogic’s strong frameworks and strategic partnerships, emphasizing the company’s capacity to excel in risk management and associated areas.

“As reflected in its steadily improving ranking, CubeLogic is well-positioned to handle the growing focus on credit risk in energy markets, as well as increased demand for credit management with complex workflows and structured collateral,” said Sid Dash, Chief Researcher at Chartis. “Its strong frameworks and partnerships position it well to continue advancing in this and associated areas.”

CubeLogic was also awarded the “Rising Star” Award in the Chartis Research RiskTech Buyside50 2023 rankings. This recognition underscores CubeLogic’s commitment and enhanced efforts to deliver tools and services to buy-side businesses, including asset managers and operators in the lending space.

“We are honored to receive such prestigious accolades from Chartis Research and EnergyRisk Awards,” said Tom Edwards, CEO at CubeLogic. “These awards reflect our dedication to providing innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of our clients. CubeLogic remains committed to helping organizations effectively manage risk and compliance, and seize opportunities in today’s interconnected landscape. Whether that’s in the energy, commodities, insurance, or financial services sectors.”

About CubeLogic

CubeLogic is a leading provider of credit risk management software solutions, specializing in the energy and commodities sector. With a team of industry experts, robust frameworks, and strategic partnerships, CubeLogic delivers innovative solutions that enable organizations to navigate challenges and optimize credit risk management. The company’s cutting-edge technologies and dedication to excellence have garnered recognition and trust from clients worldwide.

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