CubeLogic Exhibits at Global Trade Review (GTR) US Conference

The CubeLogic trade credit insurance team was thrilled to sponsor and attend the GTR US conference this winter. This event was of particular interest to our team because GTR offered the latest insights into emerging trends and opportunities at the intersection of trade, supply chain, working capital financing and risk management. This conference provided a unique opportunity to gain the latest insights on the impact of these substantial headwinds on corporate trade flows and supply chain strategies, exploring the resulting demand for specialist financing that can release trapped cash while minimizing risk.

Other topics discussed included:

🔹 The great working capital reset: Are we reaching peak DPO?
🔹 Supply chain realignment: Bridging finance and procurement
🔹 Mitigating concentration risks across the trade value chain
🔹 Strategic inventory management
🔹 Supply chain financing: Distribution, disclosure, and capacity building

Our team engaged in insightful discussions about our trade credit insurance solution and the risk assessment challenges US trade lenders are facing today. We enjoyed making connections and the opportunity to contribute to the dialogue that will shape the future of the trade finance industry.