CRO Roundtable Discussion Recording: Adapting Key Risk Indicators for a Turbulent Industry Future

This thought-provoking panel discussion features three expert risk professionals from the energy sector, who delve into the strategies and approaches being adopted by industry leaders to prepare for an uncertain future of market volatility. The panelists share their insights and experiences on how they are adapting their key risk indicators to navigate the changing landscape of the energy industry, discussing topics such as scenario planning, risk mitigation, and resilience-building measures. Listen to this engaging roundtable discussion that sheds light on the proactive steps being taken by industry leaders to tackle the challenges of an evolving market environment.

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CubeWatch PL

CubeWatchPL offers effective, timely and accurate Position Limit management can be complex and time consuming. The cost of getting it wrong is increasingly being met with heavier fines from both Exchanges and Regulators – Dodd-Frank Position Limits are no exception.
CubeWatchPL is a comprehensive, intraday Position Limit monitoring solution which allows Front Office, Compliance and Risk to monitor Position Limit utilisation across the organisation.


CubeLogic is the only ISV on EPEXSpot Exchange and is CubWatchTS transaction surveillance solution is designed specifically for physical energy and commodity trading, and not just for financial instruments. Its unique analysis approach significantly reduces the number of false positive alerts, enabling leaner, more cost effective compliance functions while maintaining a high level of compliance confidence.

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