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CubeCalcVR is a real time VAR engine that can source data via API from trade capture systems to satisfy the growing demand from customers for ultra-fast real time risk assessment of trading portfolios.Parametric VAR, being purely analytical with no time-consuming simulation involved, is well suited for true real-time risk engine.

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CubeLogic built a real time VAR engine that can source data via API from trade capture systems (alternatively, data can be uploaded into the system manually) to satisfy the need for quick real time risk assessment of the Client’s energy & commodities trading book.
This custom solution is an example of CubeLogic’s deep expertise in the energy sector and highlights the ability to deliver customized, comprehensive solutions, tailor-made to clients for their specific energy & commodities risk management and valuation needs. 

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Want to learn more about CubeCalcVR
real time VAR engine for energy and commodities portfolios?

CubeCalcVR Case study

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"I can hardly contain my excitement."

Maria Taylor
Head of Credit, EDF Trading

"It’s amazing what you have done with RiskCubed I had no idea how extensive the functionality is."

Troy Martin
Founder, Trailstone

"RiskCubed is our essential technology platform for monitoring and analysing trading activities, enabling us to manage risks in a pro-active manner with a reduced IT spend and increased operational flexibility."

Peter Boldt
VP Enterprise Data Operations, Uniper

"Great environment to collect data in one place – RiskCubed gives me a single version of the truth with some great visualisation options."

Patrick Paul
Risk Manager, Petroineos

"I love the elegant way that CubeLogic have organised their star schema. It allows me to ask any question I want and get the answers I need in the certain knowledge that I am working from accurate data."

Krista Lewis


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