Financial services

In an ever changing regulatory landscape, managing the cash position and liquidity risk of your enterprise is a vital function of a trading organisation.

RiskCubed enables financial services firms to realise their investment in legacy systems by adding a layer of state-of-the-art functionality to enable users to manage risk in a much smarter way.

Increasing competition and a deluge of ever-changing regulatory directives has meant that banks of all sizes are struggling to gain market share. It has never been more important for financial firms to cut costs but at the same time improve their offerings. Legacy technology is hindering digital transformation and wholesale replacement strategies take too long and cost too much.

Decision support

CubeLogic offers a powerful toolkit for leveraging clients’ existing technology investments by integrating and automating complex business processes spanning multiple teams, IT applications and data sources. CubeLogic Workflow and Decision Support shortens timeframes, protects business revenues, improves collaboration, strengthens controls and cuts costs.

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Credit Risk for Financial Services

Credit Risk Cube – Enterprise-wide credit risk management including exposure and limit management, historical trend analysis and OTC margining.

Scoring Module – Credit Scoring provides a sophisticated platform for counterparty rating models and credit policies, and is integrated with Credit Cube for limit settings.

Collateral margining module – Credit Cube provides a sophisticated and highly automated collateral management solution for managing all types of collateral and the daily handling of margin calls.

Cash collections module – Available either on a standalone basis, or with out-of-the-box integration with CubeLogic’s award-winning RiskCubed platform, the Cash Collections module provides a powerful, dynamic view of cash collections performance at all levels.

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Market Risk for Financial Services

Analytics and results simulation engine – At its core, Risk Cube includes a powerful analysis tool and reporting engine for positions, valuations and curves. Computations are managed on the fly with no large batch processing.

Real-tine positions – Risk Cube allows portfolio reporting of calculations via book hierarchies, desk, market, commodity, portfolio or curve scenario and then also timesliced. The impact of new trade positions can be shown in real-time.

Curve building and parameter estimation – A standard set of interfaces allow trades and forward price curves to be uploaded from any platform quickly.

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