Harness the power of social media.

The emergence of social media and online content over the last ten years has been dramatic.

The importance and use of such data is only just being understood. CubeWatch provides insights into market activity, trends and sentiment scores from online content.

CubeWatch SA

Sentiment tracking via monitoring of social media and other news sources. By collecting data in real-time we can automatically organise it, filter it, translate it, score it and weight it using extensive language libraries and state-of-the-art techniques in sentiment analysis.


  • Anticipate and proactively mitigate the impact of future credit risk events on the portfolio.
  • Model and monitor sentiment in real-time.
  • Latest market and sentiment data from Twitter, new organisations and online blogs.
  • Enter custom scoring criteria and other weighting preferences to further customise your data. Data Sources: Twitter, webhose, Glassdoor, Trustpilot.
  • Analyse live data via powerful, intuitive BI visualisations.
  • Go beyond the data available via financial statements or public rating agencies.
  • Reduce risks inherent in open positions by receiving up-to-date market information.
  • Get valuable insights into market events and geographical or climate related events.
  • Enables timely profit making or loss avoiding decisions.

Cubewatch TS

Sophisticated MAR / REMIT / MAD II transaction surveillance capabilities directly integrated within RiskCubed.

Available with plug-and-play interfaces to Trayport JouleDirect, EPEX M7 and EOD Trayport MAR, the ferdecTS® engine is integrated with RiskCubed’s powerful data management, workflow and BI analysis tools so that our clients benefit from a cost-effective solution that is far more than the sum of the parts.

With a full SaaS deployment option, the ferdecTS® engine can be deployed quickly to ramp up transaction surveillance capabilities in preparation for any regulatory challenge.

CubeLogic have now completed the acquisition of Ferdec which significantly enhances the RiskCubed risk management suite of enterprise solutions. Read more at

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