This is not another COVID-19 update

Well maybe it is…

Across the globe the past few months have been unsettled to say the least. Everyone is worried, and rightly so, but I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you a bit more about what has changed at CubeLogic:

  • Enterprise Risk & Compliance. Simplified – No change.
  • 90 staff worldwide – No change.
  • 40 clients worldwide – No change.
  • 24 hour global support – No change.

90 staff worldwide wearing suits, commuting to the office – This has changed. We took the opportunity over a fortnight ago to ask all of our staff to work from home. Thankfully our line of work and technology enables us to work as effectively from wherever, whenever. Unfortunately, we have had to reduce staff travel and so for our clients this has meant less face to face time but of course everyone understands this predicament.

All CubeLogic employees follow the ISO 27001 ISMS “Remote Working Policy” (contact us to request a copy) while working outside of our main offices. Employee laptops are security hardened and provide secure gateway connections to CubeLogic and Cloud services through Secure VPN and Encrypted Communication.

COVID-19 has presented unusual circumstances for us all but I am confident that our investment in client relations, technology and a positive team culture will prevail and come 2, 6, 9 months’ time – however long it takes – we will be standing at the other side waiting to board a flight to each and every one of our 40 global client sites.

Managing risk has never been so important, and so even if the person on the end of the conference call might have a dog barking in the background or hasn’t washed for 3 days I assure you that we will continue to deliver the best and most innovative solutions to the market.

We are planning to run a number of webinars over the coming weeks so please join us or if you have challenges you would like to discuss we’re all ears.

I wish everyone to stay healthy, keep their minds busy and their hopes high. Nothing lasts forever.