CubeLogic and Creditsafe Announce Strategic Partnership To Enhance Credit Risk Management

Deploying an integrated solution that takes advantage of CubeLogic’s credit risk analysis and analytics platform coupled with Creditsafe’s rich credit data services, enhances the credit manager’s decision analysis capabilities.

Houston, London, Singapore, Bangalore, and Berlin, Wednesday 5th May 2021. CubeLogic and Creditsafe today announced their strategic partnership that further advances the ability of credit risk managers to seamlessly manage their counterparties and quickly assess risk in the portfolio. The integrated offering utilizes Creditsafe’s comprehensive, global data services covering credit reporting and monitoring and combines it with CubeLogic’s award winning RiskCubed platform.

This automated flow of data results in a credit department’s ability to respond more effectively and efficiently to changing business needs by, amongst other things:

i. Quickly evaluate and onboard new counterparties and customers, allowing the front office to more rapidly capitalize on market opportunities

ii. Perform initial KYC checks and ongoing monitoring of external entities to avoid being associated with companies or individuals that flout international compliance laws

iii. Keep the portfolio of counterparties and customers up to date and help ensure lines of credit are adequately set

iv. Incorporate the Creditsafe Credit Score alongside public ratings and internal assessments to better calibrate risk models and receive early warning of potential credit weaknesse


Roderick Austin, Managing Partner – Americas at CubeLogic, “As we’ve long stated, our goal is to deliver on our vision of providing a credit ecosystem for our customers. This is one more major step toward that goal. Creditsafe has established themselves as a leading provider of credit reporting data, and their data service platform easily lends itself to seamless integration with RiskCubed. We have joint customers today that are already benefiting from this partnership and we’re excited to continue to expand that adoption.”

Matthew Debbage, CEO Creditsafe Americas & Asia Pacific, “As Creditsafe has matured into becoming the world’s most used supplier of company credit reports, we’re thrilled when like-minded market leaders like CubeLogic find new and innovative ways to bring value to customers by incorporating our credit and risk data. We’re all tremendously excited to start working together.”

Doug Collins, EVP Trade Credit Insurance, Ascot Group, “We use the Cube Logic platform to support our exposure management and underwriting processes. The integration between Cube Logic and Creditsafe allows us to instantly update our files and make real-time credit decisions in support of our clients, which is a competitive advantage for a Trade Credit Insurer.”

About Creditsafe

Creditsafe is the world’s most used supplier of company credit reports. Privately owned and independently minded, Creditsafe is changing the way business information is used by providing high-quality data in an easy to use format that everyone in an organization can benefit from. 

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About CubeLogic

CubeLogic is the leading supplier of business intelligence enabled enterprise risk management solutions for market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk and regulatory compliance. CubeLogic’s founders are renowned experienced industry specialists who have an impressive track record of developing and implementing global risk IT solutions. In the current volatile market conditions, CubeLogic addresses the increasing demand for robust, cost effective Business Intelligence solutions for risk management.

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