CubeLogic releases version 8 of the RiskCubed platform

London, Singapore, Bangalore, Houston, Berlin. Wednesday 14th July 2021. CubeLogic, the market leading provider of enterprise risk management solutions, today announces the release of version 8 of the RiskCubed platform for all clients.  Version 8 is a major release which completes the full transformation of the CubeLogic portal into HTML5. The new version of the software not only assists CubeLogic’s clients’ risk functions to work together seamlessly but also helps simplify risk processes and improves risk visibility.

This is a great milestone for CubeLogic and the software. This release marks the first Silverlight-free version of the portal, bringing in full support for the latest version of SQL Server and providing access to the latest features of our Angular web platform. It also brings in new functionality including an all-new Limits screen, support for Unicode characters in counterparty names and several other fields, a configurable static data interface and brings together various other new features and hot fixes released in recent iterations of version 7. See a detailed list of features below.


  • Improved Limits Management – The limits management screen has been completely redesigned which improves ability to manage limits that vary over time at counterparty / entity hierarchy for various limit types. The on-screen limits validation and over-allocation notification are enhanced using a responsive design, optimizing the user experience.
  • Extended Credit Insurance capabilities – Credit insurance management has been extended further with pro-rata allocation of multi-counterparty insurance coverage and enhanced calculation with consideration of credit insurance in collateral adjusted exposure and secondary exposure.
  • Angular Version Upgrade – The portal framework has been upgraded with Angular version 9 which improves overall performance of the CubeLogic portal and boosts the ability to utilize new technology and its features in the application.
  • SQL Version 2019 Compatibility – Version 8 certifies SQL server 2019 compatibility which supports additional features as part of SQL 2016/2019.
  • Unicode Character Support – Unicode capability has been introduced for storing names in non-Latin scripts including Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic and Arabic characters. The scope is currently limited to certain areas of the application with a goal to complete full support by 2022.
  • Additional minor features – A few additional functional features in CSA, LC management, business process workflows and credit cube are being incorporated as per feedback from different clients which enhances the functionality in respective areas.
  • On-going bug fixes – As part of our continual quality improvement process, numerous small fixes and improvements are included as part of the release.

The CubeLogic team have worked tirelessly to get this latest version completed, tested, documented, and released.  Building on top of the recent stabilisation work, this is looking to be the best version of the platform to date.

Lee Campbell, CEO comments. “This is a massively important moment and a really significant milestone for the company, well done to everyone involved in this great team effort and a very proud moment”.

David Baker, CTO concludes. “Version 8 is an important step in our continuing process of development and improvement.  As well as bringing in some great new features for our clients, version 8 lays a strong foundation for the exciting new features we have planned for the next year and beyond.”

About CubeLogic

CubeLogic is the leading supplier of business intelligence enabled enterprise risk management solutions for market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk and regulatory compliance. CubeLogic’s founders are renowned experienced industry specialists who have an impressive track record of developing and implementing global risk IT solutions. In the current volatile market conditions, CubeLogic addresses the increasing demand for robust, cost effective Business Intelligence solutions for risk management.

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