Risk Management Post COVID-19: Virtual Round Table

Risk Management Post COVID-19

Lessons Learned…so far…

Virtual Round Table

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Date TBC – Mid-June 2020

The spread of COVID-19 from China’s Hubei province to a global pandemic caused panic in financial and commodity markets on an unprecedented scale with GDP and fiscal impacts not seen outside of world wars.

The impact on risk management has been profound. Modelling assumptions have been found wanting. Risk IT and operational processes have been put under stresses unimaginable only a few months ago.

CubeLogic are proud to work with leading Risk experts and would like to invite you to join a virtual round table discussion on the topic of “Risk Management Post COVID- 19 – Lessons Learned…so far…”.

Topics explored will include:

  • Importance of real-time analytics in a fast-moving market
  • Liquidity risk modelling implications
  • CVA pricing
  • Contingent risks
  • Improvements to stress testing market practice

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Guest panel to be announced

Save the date: mid-June 2020 TBC

If you have any questions then please contact hannah.pewter@cubelogic.com.